OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1:30-3:30 at PLSHQ


A. Grace, S. Hylen, E. Robinson, T. Streb, S. Wicksall, L. Stratton


B. Horn

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

New Business

Library card/keytag combo

Feedback? Pros/Cons?

Most feedback neutral and positive. Negative comments regarded replacement concerns, neighboring libraries with different policies and patron confusion, risk of sharing among family members, risk of unauthorized use by family members, potential to increase an already substantial number of inactive cards. Following discussion, OWWLAC agrees that none of the concerns are deal breakers and that the option to provide card/keytag combos should be made available to libraries. This is purely optional, libraries can offer or not, as fits their local communities.

We also discussed smartphone apps, such as Key Ring, where rewards/loyalty cards can be saved to the app and the smartphone screen scanned instead of they physical card. Some patrons are already using similar apps, and many libraries are familair with them. It was noted that some older scanners may have problems scanning from the screen, but this is not an issue with newer scanners.

Ordering deadline for new cards is June 16.

Review Patron Registration Form

Comments made at the last OWWLUG meeting prompted a review of the standard Library Registration form

In the course of discussing the form, it appears that many libraries use their own registration form, some did not know that a standard/customizable form existed. We also discussed the role of the paper form vs. the Evergreen record. Generally, the paper form is used as "legal" verification of the patron signature; comments included: library does not require a signed registration form, library uses form as a prompt for visual witness of a signature, registration form signature is not legally binding. Different libraries also have different policies for retaining the paper forms.


  • Remove gender selection
  • Change phone number labels from Daytime Phone to Primary Phone, from Evening Phone to Secondary Phone
  • Add In System / Out of System selection
Current form: Patrons Registration Form Printable

DRAFT updated form: Patron Library Card Registration form - updated 5/13

"Welcome to OWWL" packet for new patrons

Some libraries provide patrons with information about OWWL, the catalog, other libraries (usually the hours brochure) but it varies. OWWLAC will be asking member libraries to share materials they use, and provide suggestions of what materials they might like to provide. We will brainstorm ways PLS can facilitate creating packets, such as: developing a checklist of suggested materials, making PLS publications easier to find, updated logos and images, templates.

Welcome packets also provide assistance to staff, particularly new staff, who may need assistance in answering new patron questions or general patron questions about the system and other member libraries.

Online video tutorials


L. Stratton has been working on videos demonstrating Online Cataloging functionality, primarily aimed at patrons. We have 3 videos so far. OWWLAC discussed how to best make the videos available to the public. Suggestions include: creating a "Video tutorials" menu option in OWWL.org (the same navigation options appear in the catalog), adding to the existing print FAQ and help pages in OWWL.org, and inserting links directly into the appropriate place in the catalog (some areas already have "?" icons, which currently do not link to anything.)


New staff training needs?

Question from L. Stratton - what are ways that PLS can assist member libraries regarding training/orientation for new staff?

No local demand report

S. Hylen reported on her experiences using the "Age Protected Items with No Local Demand" report. The purpose of this report is to identify items that are age-protected and have been available at their owning library for 7+ days, and indicates if those items have had local checkouts and/or have system holds. This information can be used to identify items that could have age-protection manually removed, prior to the expiration.

Ontario's reports over 3 weeks indicate that only 3 items had no local demand, but did have system demand, indicating that local use was strong. Sandra notes that using the report within Browse Reports (rather than downloading as CSV) is most efficient, because a quick skim of the data is generally all that is needed. Questionable items can be easily noted for further investigation.


  • Update the Ordering Library Cards and Keytags page to include card/keytag combo option and alert Jeanne - PLS
  • Update the library card registration form - PLS - DONE (LS)
    • Route to OWWLAC for review - PLS - DONE (LS)
    • Submit to PLS Notes for general member review - PLS
    • Finalize form revision at next meeting (6/25)
  • Collect example welcome packets from libraries, suggestions related to welcome packet materials - All Reps
  • Ask for input re: new staff training / orientation needs - All reps
  • Promote Reports Age Protected Items With No Local Demand report documentation to PLS Notes- PLS


  • Libraries will have the option to offer patrons library card/keytag combos; this option is up to each individual library to offer or not.

Next meeting

Tuesday, June 25, 1:30-3:30 at PLSHQ
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