OWWLAC Meeting, February 26, 2013


M.Correia (CS), A.Grace (WADS), C. Gravelle (WIL), E. Robinson (CAS), S.Streb (LYO), S. Wicksall (RJ), B. Morris (PLSHQ), L. Stratton (PLSHQ)


B. Horn (GPL/Central)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

Age-Based Hold Protection

  • Review of library usage
  • Review of updated patron note
    AgeBasedHoldProtection OpacCopyNote.png
  • Review of updated staff note
    AgeBasedHoldProtection StaffClientNote.png

'Purging' expired patrons from Evergreen

  • No official NYS requirements
  • Previous OWWLAC/PLS recommendation - purge patrons 3 years past expiration (implemented shortly prior to migration from Sirsi)
  • Options

New Business

OWWL2Go access denied for expired patrons

  • Block access to OWWL2Go for patrons with expired cards (patrons now receive pre-expiration renewal reminders and post-expiration notifications)
  • Draft message to expired card patrons
Other O2G:

  • Changes to OWWL2Go launch page from owwl.org

eReader Committee preliminary report

Members: Chris Finger (GPL), Ron Kirsop (CAN), Pat Finnerty (PLSHQ), Lindsay Stratton (PLSHQ)

At our first meeting we discussed the role of this committee, our goals and objectives, and what aspects of eReader/related device circulation we could reasonably address. We decided that our recommendations will be device agnostic, and came up with the following priorities:

  • Collect example policies (circulation, user agreement, fines, etc.) and draft policy boilerplate that can be used and customized by member libraries
  • Define ILS issues relating to: catalog records; loan periods, fines, renewals, and hold policies; copy locations; copy records, etc.
  • Recommendations for physical handling and workflows for checkout/checkin, etc.
  • Collect examples and customizable boilerplate for patron documentation, including how-to materials, use/satisfaction surveys; provide recommendations for materials to include with devices
  • Recommendations for managing device content - refreshing pre-loaded content, managing patron downloaded content, organizing content, books vs. apps, etc.
  • Staff Training options, core skills, etc.
  • Collect examples and customizable designs for promoting circulating eReader service
  • Recommendations for handling technical issues, such as device security, configuration, etc.
  • Recommendations for devices
We are focussing on the first two priorities for our next meeting (March, 6)


  • PLS will gather statistics regarding delivery and circulations for impact of Age-Based Hold Protection for 6 month review
  • Libraries will gather information regarding holds fulfillment, etc, for for impact of Age-Based Hold Protection for 6 month review
  • PLS will tweak expired-card denial of access mesage for OWWL2Go
  • PLS will test expired-card denial of access with Overdrive, announce the change at the 3/15/13 System Meeting and PLS Notes, then roll out the new process
  • PLS will update the OWWL2Go landing page to remove the publisher/ebook availablity information and replace it with note explaining the expired-card denial of access and a user survey (currently in development by the OWWL2Go Collection Team)


  • Age-Based Hold Protection approved for use with all new materials as determined by local library needs, use is optional, applied per copy, can be removed as needed
  • The updated language in the patron-facing OPAC is approved.
  • OWWLAC will evaluate the use of Age-Based Hold Protection in 6 months.
  • Limiting OWWL2Go access to patrons with current, updated cards has been approved.

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