OWWLAC Meeting, January 22, 2013


B. Horn (GPL/Central), A.Grace (WADS), C. Gravelle (WIL), S.Streb (LYO), S. Wicksall (RJ), M.Correia (CS); J. Frey (PLSHQ)


E. Robinson (CAS)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

New Business

  • 'Purging' expired patrons from Evergreen
  • eReader policies (CAN, CLY, LIM, ONT, RC; GPL soon)
    • stat-cat Collection Development: Equipment
    • TWiki guidelines
    • Fines: $3/$15 or $5/$25
    • Circ Duration: Usually 2-week, but one 3-week
    • deposit / financial responsibility
  • Patron library account renewal policy/procedure
  • OWWLAC communication


  • PLS will expand age-protection testing to allow all libraries to participate, applying age-protect only to Adult and Yound Adult Fiction (Books only), Music CDs and Videos (DVDs).
  • PLS will attempt to establish a temporary committee supporting the addition of eReader devices to library collections and circulation of these devices.
  • PLS will investigate NYS requirements/guidelines for the reporting of patron statistics.


  • Age Hold Protection
    • Testing should be explanded to allow all libraries to apply age-protection to Adult and Yound Adult Fiction (Books only), Music CDs and Videos (DVDs).
    • The modification to the public OPAC displaying the items age-protect status should be tabled.
      • the word 'Age' should be removed in the column heading 'Age Hold Protection' because patrons may interpret this to mean restrictions on items based on patron age, e.g., R-rated films.
  • Patron purge
    • This item was tabled pending official guidance from New York State and PLS. The purge would involve setting the patron record to inactive where the patron account expired more than 3 years ago.
  • eReaders
    • PLS should establish a committee to create documentation, guidelines, and general policy. Recommendations include TWiki-based reference and System Meeting overview.
  • Patron Account Renewal
    • accounts may be renewed over the phone if staff first reqest current address; if this address does not match the address in the patron record, then the staff should request formal identification.
  • Communication
    • OWWLAC members will seek to communicate information from each meeting to the directors of the library they represent and will also actively seek to collect information relevant to current OWWLAC topics for use in meetings.
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