OWWLAC Meeting, November 27, 2012


E. Robinson (CAS), B. Horn (GPL/Central), A.Grace (WADS), C. Gravelle (WIL), S. Wicksall (RJ), L.Newell (BLO), J. Frey, B. Morris, P. Finnerty (PLS)


M.Correia (CS), T. Streb (LYO)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • Age-Protect test: status update
  • Email notification/account expired: status update
    • ~2500 notifications sent: Nov. 16-21
    • 80+ accounts renewed as of Nov. 26

New Business

  • SMS text messaging on Evergreen
    • enable SMS in Evergreen
    • circ desk: patron edit
    • patron opt-in (OPAC)
    • carriers, numbers
    • complications --
      • notification duplication?
  • OWWLAC membership: January - December 2013


  • PLS will enable SMS Text for Hold-ready notifications with "pickup within 7 days" text added; "items coming due" reminder next in queue
    • Libraries and PLS will examine ways to notify the public (SMS use and costs): press releases, newsletters, websites, posters
    • PLS will notify libraries that are using SMS addresses as email addresses - Jim
  • PLS will review videogame stats based on a request to include videogames in Age-Protection test scenario (notify Stacey) - Jim
  • Jim will follow up with T.Streb and M.Corriea regarding OWWLAC participation in 2013
  • PLS will examine methods for accommodating meetings by Skype, Google Hang-Out, etc.


  • There was a request to add videogames to the age-protect test scenario which was tabled in lieu of further study
  • SMS should be enabled for hold notifications, followed by due date reminder; overdue notifications are not feasible at this time
  • A. Grace plans to leave the committee at the end of the term and C. Gravelle will not be returning.
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