OWWLAC Meeting, August 28, 2012


E. Robinson (CAS), W.Krause (HON) for M.Correia, C. Gravelle (WIL), B. Horn (GPL/Central), T. Streb (LYO), S. Wicksall (RJ), L. Stratton, J. Frey, B. Morris (PLS)


  • A. Grace (WADS), M. Correia (CS)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • Age-protection

New Business

  • Evergreen Upgrade process
  • Potential of credit balances - pros and cons
  • Sorting/printing pull list


  • Age-Protect - PLS:
    • set up scenario on Test Server
    • investigate possibility of changing Hold-related system messages


The committee recommended moving ahead with limited hold age-protection (Adult Fiction). Specifically, PLS should establish a test environment and examine the possibility of changing messages regarding the patron's ability to place a hold.

The committee reported general satisfaction with the Evergreen 2.2 upgrade, but cited problems such as patrons using out-dated browser bookmarks for the OPAC, an initial lack of hold notifications, staff selecting CBA as a pickup library, and slip printer configuration. One member observed that working in holdings maintenance when the library's materials are at the bottom of a list of items held by 42 libraries can be tedious. Everyone commented that the system seems slower, but only marginally so.

OWWLAC recommended disabling the ability of patrons to carry a credit balance and to establish policy to this effect.

The ability to sort pull lists on copy location and to exercise control over the sort order was discussed, but none of the attending directors saw a need for this functionality.
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