OWWLAC Meeting, June 26, 2012


E. Robinson (CAS), M. Correia (CS), E. Dawson (NEW), B. Horn (GPL/Central), T. Streb (LYO), S. Wicksall (RJ), L. Stratton (PLS), J. Frey (PLS)


C. Gravelle (E. Dawson substituting for Cheryl)

Anna Grace (Livingston County directors communicating concerns to M. Correia).

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • Multiple format combos (MP3 & CD audio for audiobooks; DVD & Blu-ray for videos) split records and circ as separate items (related packaging costs) versus one record and single circ : review of current practice
  • Age-protect all new items
    • reports/consensus
    • policy/scope

New Business

  • T. Streb reported that libraries with items on hold that have been marked missing/lost are not reporting the status change to the requesting library.
  • Committee members considered several new features of Evergreen 2.2 that require a specific library setting/configuration.


  • Lindsay will review Holds missing/lost policy at OWWLUG.
  • Jim will summarize aspects of today's discussion on age protection


  • Multiple format combos policy is accepted/reaffirmed as OWWL policy.
  • Age-protection policy is tabled pending further review and consideration.
    • Most questions revolved around implementation & policy: which type of items affected, periods of protection
    • Resistance mainly resulting from perception that policy would include all items or treat similar items the same across the board or that implementation would increase workload
    • Representatives more open to limited implementation, particularly for libraries that might buy several copies and only age-protect one or some.
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