OWWLAC Meeting, May 22, 2012


E. Robinson (CAS), M. Correia (CS), C. Gravelle (WIL), B. Horn (GPL/Central), T. Streb (LYO), S. Wicksall (RJ), J. Frey (PLS), B. Morris (PLS), L. Stratton (PLS)


Anna Grace (WADS)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

New Business

Lindsay Stratton presents: What's new in Evergreen 2.2 (brief presentation of new features)

Items for discussion:
  • Statistical Categories: Residency and School District Code consolidation : OOS
  • Audiobook "close enough" cataloging change
  • Multiple format combos (MP3 & CD audio for audiobooks; DVD & Blu-ray for videos) split records and circ as separate items (related packaging costs) versus one record and single circ : review of current practice
  • Break out Lost items from monthly copy-status report
Additional items submitted during the meeting:
  • Age-protect all new items (C. Gravelle)
  • Patron damaging items (substituting items for like items; removing bar codes, book jackets, etc.) at LYO, ROS, WOL, SOS, and CLY (T. Streb)


  • PLS will consolidate residency and school district codes after v2.2 upgrade.
  • OWWLAC reps will check with other libraries to determine handling/cataloging of combo items.
  • PLS will determine status/availability of hold-failure notification in v2.2
  • PLS will develop a new monthly copy-status LOST report (removing Lost items from the current copy status report).
  • T. Streb will confer with other affected libraries and bar patron with concensus/cooperation of other directors.


  • Statistical categories should be consolidated: all non-contiguous stat cats changed to OOS.
  • Cataloging policy for 'close enough' records accepted.
  • Multiple format combo tabled for further review: reps gathering information on policies at other libraries. No system-wide policy established at this time.
  • Lost items should be made into a separate report with additional data where applicable.
  • Majority of reps support using age protect for all new items. Reps will bring the issue before PLSDAC on June 1.
  • No system-wide policy set regarding patrons who routinely damage items.
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