OWWLAC Meeting, January 24, 2012

Special time: 2:30-4:30, following NYLA Tax Cap Webinar


N. Burns (ATT, for E. Robinson), M. Correia (CS), C. Gravelle (WIL), B. Horn (GPL/Central), T. Streb (LYO), A. Tillinghast (RJ); J. Frey (PLS), C. Guthrie (PLS), B. Morris (PLS), L. Stratton (PLS)


A. Grace (WADS), E. Robinson (CAS)

New Business

New OWWLAC Members

Welcome Andrea, Theresa, and Cheryl.

Policy recommendations for use of "Fine Free Patron" profile group

  • PLS recommendations
  • Considering the system-wide impact of such user group, as well as circulation impact
  • Should this profile exist?

Library practices vary, many lack clear guidelines for using this profile. Libraries want to keep the profile, agree that it should be used for current staff and trustees only (although special exceptions can be made at director discretion, bearing in mind system-wide fair play.) Libraries requested a report listing all patron precords currently coded with the Fine Free pofile.

Wood library use of the Fine Free profile discussed: J. Frey reports that he has created a special profile (Donor) for use only by CAN for their donor patrons, which will give them fine free status at Wood, but not neighboring libraries. As of this meeting, the profile had not been implemented pending further discussion with CAN, who will be publicizing the change to their patrons.


  • J. Frey will create a report for each library listing Fine Free patrons
  • L. Stratton will update documentation

E-Reader circulation FYI

  • Infrastructure being developed for several libraries now (and in near future) circulating e-reader devices
    • Circulation modifier
    • Bib records in catalog
    • Lending policies
    • Libraries circulating e-readers
  • Related information: EreaderRecords

Libraries circulating e-reader devices: CLY (purchased Nook and Kindle) circulating pre-loaded devices (primarily public domain materials) to CLY patrons only; LIM, PHE, RC, WYO received and are circulating preloaded Nooks as part of an outreach grant, these devices will be used with the unemployed/underemployed target population for three months, no public circulation.

GPL is looking into circulating e-readers. CAN is circulating devices, but using a manual process not using the catalog.

General discussion of logistics, circulating pre-loaded devices vs. allowing downloads of OWWL2Go titles. Investment vs. value in terms of purchase costs, staff time, content, and other issues. Discussion of catalog records, re: including loaded content notes in catalog records (currently just device information.)


  • Upload e-reader circulation and other policy documents

Discussion of OWWL2Go funding proposal



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