OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, October 25

Special Time 12:00-2:00pm


P. Baynes (PAL), A. Grace (WADS), B. Horn (GPL/Central), D. Norris (ROS); J. Frey (PLS), L. Stratton (PLS)


E. robinson (CAS), M. Correia (CS)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

OWWL2Go/OOS policies

General sense is that the majority of libraries are positive or neutral on fees for OOS OWWl2Go access, with a few strong dissenters (one opinion maintaining OOS users should be entirely blocked from all online resources.) Our discussion raised many questions regarding the scope of OOS/OWWL2Go charges, technical issues, and workflow issues.
  • Difference between OOS fees for OWWL2Go vs. regular OWWL access? How would (could?) this be differentiated?
  • How many new - or existing - OOS in database? How many of these (are any of them?) specifically for OWWL2Go access?
  • What about the yellow/purple (PLS prefix) cards? If Overdrive user/library data is based on card prefix, paid OOS OWWL2Go patrons would need to be assigned regular (blue/green) cards? Impact on existing OOS accounts?
  • Who would get the money? Would fees for OWWL2Go access be applied generally to OWWL2Go collections?
  • Difference between "tax supporting" patrons and out-of-system patrons? What about unserved populations, areas where government support is disputed?
  • What about patrons who support the library in other ways, like donations, memberships, etc.?
  • What about temporary residents/patrons? College students, migratory populations, etc.
  • How to manage account expiration and Overdrive authentication (currently does not block expired accounts), renewal payments, etc.
  • What would the fee amount be? "Reasonable" - $10-$25?

Suggestions / ideas
  • "E-resources only" accounts - patrons only interested in online resources could apply for a limited card which could be used only for online resources NOT physical materials.
  • Handle all online resources - databases, OWWL2Go, etc. - in same way, "online branch"
  • Re-bill for OOS OWWL2Go access, similar to ILL fees.

Additional information needed
  • Regular Overdrive usage stats
  • Can libraries view their own stats/collection reports in real time from OD Dashboard? Do all libraries have accounts? (Training needed?)
  • How do Overdrive collections/purchases/circulations fit into the Annual Report?

Next steps:
  • PLS - Clarify major questions, provide detail on implementaion options

New Business

Standardizing Circ Modifiers and Fines (J. Frey)


  • Circ modifers reflective of material types
  • Example audiobooks. Currently audiobooks are coded with "default" circ modifier, the same as books. Different types of material should have their own modifiers in order to captialize on fine & loan flexibility - specifically, audiobooks should have a higher fine rate than regular books, becasue audiobooks are more expensive.
  • Standardize fines so all libraries use same set of low/normal/high fine values (with variations per circ mod)
  • Increase default/book fines to $0.25
  • Consistency between libraries - patrons will use different libraries because they have different fine/loan structures
  • Customer service - depending on where/how a transaction accurs (especially via OPAC) patrons get unpredictable fines/due dates

Library Use Evergreen Accounts

Example: "Storyhour" accounts, expanded hold limit to use for programming purposes.

New Report: Expired New Items

Reports New Items Expired

OWWLAC Member Term Endings

OWWLAC members serve 1-year terms, with a limit of three consecutive terms, terms expire in December. P. Baynes (PAL) has served three consecutive terms, D. Norris (ROS) has opted not to renew her service. L. Stratton will contact other members (all eligile for additional terms) to confirm continued service, and begin the selection process for new members to begin in January. EvergreenAdvisoryCommitteeBylaws



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