OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday, September 27 - DRAFT


P. Baynes (PAL), E. Robinson (CAS), M. Correia (CS), C. Gravelle (WIL), B. Horn (GPL), D. Norris (ROS), J. Frey (PLS), B. Morris (PLS), L. Stratton (PLS)


S. Hylen (ONT)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • PLS will review law and ALA recommendations regarding privacy
  • PLS will collect / draft basic example policies for handling patron groups
  • PLS will submit customized hold denial message to Equinox - DONE

New Business

Reports working group - J. Frey

Address needs of directors / libraries regarding routine and ad hoc reports, reports formats, etc.
  • OWWLAC members agree that a reports working group will be useful
  • Jim will be contacting people to join the working group

Related discussion
  • S. Hylen sent an email to directors outlining current reports, what reports used to exist in Workflows, etc.
  • PLSDAC outcome: directors would like training - either at PLSDAC or, preferrably, at a System Meeting - on reports, they suggest covering a single report at a time, explainnig the report purpose, information, and procedures; ListItemsByCopyStatus suggested as the most confusing report.
  • Other training considerations re: reports - access (using the different indexes / hierarchy), Excel issues

Videogame circ modifiers - J. Frey

Presented at 9/16 System Meeting
  • "Videogame" circ modifier is in place, process of updating records to begin soon
  • 26 libraries have video game records to update
  • PLS can automate some of the update process, using Location and/or item Statistical Categories to select records; there may still be some manual updates required, depending on other attributes
  • JF will contact directors re: loan periods / fine rates
  • JF will contact holdings maintenance staff with details regarding updateprocess

ChiliFresh reviews OPAC integration

  • Purpose - patron interaction with OPAC data, including integration with other social networking tools (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Funding - BM has grant money that could be applied to this project; long term funding plan: cancel Syndetics content (Reviews in the OPAC, which gives us professional review content from only 2 journals - Publishers Weekly and Library Journal) which will be replaced by NoveList content which will be accessible from a link within the title details to NoveList title detail (this is not currently working which is a NoveList bug that they anticipate being fixed by mid-2012) and more professional reviews.
  • Big Picture

Related discussion:
  • BM has requested that Syndetics turn on site use stats; unfortunately they can not provide retroactive historical data

OWWL2go restrictions for OOS users - discussion


  • Turn on hold targetting for closed libraries - PLS has contracted with Equinox to write custom code that enables holds to be targeted for copies on the shelf at closed libraries. This will be rolled into the next version of the client; available for testing end of 2011.



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