OWWLAC Meeting, Tuesday March 22, 2011



Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • Melissa will continue to follow up with directors re: OWWL2Go commitments
    • on going, any updates?
  • Ellen will distribute OWWL2Go that reflect library contributions to date and library usage to date; to be delivered quarterly
    • status?
  • Ellen will analyze the OWWL2Go collection and establish suggested ratio of eBook and audiobook purchasing based on circulation, pricing and level of current content
    • status?
  • Ellen will clarify Overdrive ordering process / options
    • status?
  • Lindsay will present OWWLAC report suggestions to the PLS Evergreen Meeting
    • Suggestions discussed
    • Plans to make Circ by Shelving Lcoation report more inclusive discussed - would involve creating a new report with substantial custom queries and output, all agree this is a high priority and will begin preliminary development
    • Reports to be discussed in-depth at March 18, 2011 System Meeting
  • PLS (BM, BW, JF, AZ, LS) will define information included in reports (i.e. what is counted) and include in TWiki report documentation; compare to Unicorn reports as appropriate

New Business

  • Pre-due Notification - As currently configured, pre-due email notifications aren't sent for items with 3 day or shorter loans . Pre-due notices DO generate for 3- and 2-day loans.
  • Bill letters - As currently configured, overdue/assumed-lost bill letters are generated on behalf of the checkout library NOT the owning library, as was the set up in WorkFlows . Bill letters had always been generated by checkout library.



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