OWWLAC Meeting, February 22, 2011

This meeting conducted primarily via conference call.


P. Baynes (PAL), M. Correia (CS), A. Grace (WADS), S. Hylen (ONT), L. Nichols (GPL), D. Norris (ROS), E. Robinson (CAS)

PLS Staff: J. Frey, B. Morris, E. Reynolds, L. Stratton, A. Zsembery


Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

  • PLSDAC report / follow up on OWWL2Go discussion (M. Correia)
    • PLSDAC attendees generally supportive of OWWL2Go content; the statistical information (supplied by E. Reynolds) appreciated and useful, but do not support a formal spending structure at this time
    • Several libraries have pledged funds; Melissa will update the pledge document sent by Ellen
    • Melissa will continue to follow up with directors, emphasizing the importance of on-going monthly contributions, not just lump sums at the end of the year
    • Libraries would like to see OWWL2Go statistics on a regular basis
    • Libraries need more information regarding the specific Overdrive ordering process - who does what, clarify role of ellen/PLS, etc.
    • Question from Patricia: what percentage of audiobooks to e-booksshould libraries purchase? - currently, PLS has more audio than e-book titles; e-books have the highest demand and we need more e-books, but shouldn't neglect audio. GPL is using a 70/30 model - 70% of titles purchased are e-bbok, 30% audio
    • Question from Anna: have we looked into purchasing movies for download? - PLS is not considering other formats until funding for current formats (audio- and e-books) is consistent. Additionally, the movies offered by Overdrive are not the popular feature films patrons may expect. Betsy suggested looking at the NYPL Overdrive collection for examples.
  • High System/Local Demand report follow up (E. Reynolds) - Sample report
    • Reports emailed to OWWLAC members by Ellen
    • Review of report format and content - one Excel worksheet, 2 tabs: Local Demand and System Demand
    • Report lists all titles with holds, including those with only 1 hold
    • System Demand includes "Short" column - this is the difference between number of holds and total copies, and "Ratio" column - a comparison of number of holds to number of copies. LOW ratio titles are HIGHER priority for purchasing.
    • The report will be scheduled to run weekly
    • Suggestions for report formating:
      • remove the in-page title header for easier column sorting, group decided to leave header as is until libraries become familiar with the report
      • Add another tab to the report that contains instructions/recommendations for usage
    • Report documentation in progress - Reports High Demand
  • New Patron registrations report follow up (B. Morris) - Sample report
  • Circ by Shelving Locations report follow up (B. Morris) - Sample Report
    • Includes ONLY initial checkouts, not renewals
    • Includes ONLY "my items" not materials belonging to other libraries checked out at my library
  • General Report discussion
    • Patricia - liked the Unicorn reports: full information which she could manipulate and extract different pieces of information; would like to see ILLs received/materials circed at PAL belonging to other libraries - this is useful for collection development
    • Sandra - also liked the Unicorn reports - she found at least 80% of the content to meet her needs; did not like multiple data sets included on one sheet; liked being able to get a lot of data in one spreadsheet
    • Sandra - requests defining the report content, particularly comparing what the evergreen reports are counting to what the Unicorn reports were counting; are in-house uses being counted?
    • Betsy suggested that we need to define what data is needed, define how it is used, and determine the best format for presenting it
    • Aaron has prototype report that will provide statistics for "non-owned" items circulated by my library
  • List Items By Copy Status
    • This report is almost ready to roll out, final issues to be resolved

New Business


  • Network / bandwidth issues (B. Morris)
    • Aaron and Bob are working to identify and resolve network issues; they are tracking network traffic at NEW to identify causes of Evergreen slowdowns
    • Linda reported that GPL experienced severe slowdowns 2/22 AM
    • When experiencing connections so slow that circulation functions are impaired CALL PLS ASAP. If it is not possible to call right away, try and track as many details as possible and report them to PLS.


  • Melissa will continue to follow up with directors re: OWWL2Go commitments
  • Ellen will distribute OWWL2Go that reflect library contributions to date and library usage to date; to be delivered quarterly
  • Ellen will analyze the OWWL2Go collection and establish suggested ratio of eBook and audiobook purchasing based on circulation, pricing and level of current content
  • Ellen will clarify Overdrive ordering process / options
  • Lindsay will present OWWLAC report suggestions to the PLS Evergreen Meeting
    • Suggestions discussed
    • Plans to make Circ by Shelving Lcoation report more inclusive discussed - would involve creating a new report with substantial custom queries and output, all agree this is a high priority and will begin preliminary development
  • PLS (BM, BW, JF, AZ, LS) will define information included in reports (i.e. what is counted) and include in TWiki report documentation; compare to Unicorn reports as appropriate


  • No formal OWWL2Go funding structure at this time, focus on awareness initiatives and voluntary spending commitments
  • OWWL2Go purchasing/patron/usage statistics will be distributed on a quarterly basis
  • Report suggestions will be discussed at the next Evergreen Meeting (2/23)
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