OWWLAC Meeting Agenda - January 25, 2011


P. Baynes (PAL), M. Correia (CS), D. Norris (ROS), E. Robinson (CAS), C. Gravelle (WIL; for S. Hylen), c. Guthrie (PLS), B. Morris (PLS), E. Reynolds (PLS), L. Stratton (PLS)


S. Hylen (ONT)

Old Business / Updates from Previous Action Items

New Business

  • PLSDAC liason
  • Syndetics content enrichment
  • OWWL2Go - statistics, best practices, and good OWWL citizenship (E. Reynolds)
  • Reports
    • Annual Report development
    • Monthly reports development
      • "Circ Statistics by Shelving Location"
      • "List Item by Copy Status" Report - to be used to manage CopyRecords where the Items Item Status is other than "Available", "Checked Out", "In transit", "On Hold Shelf". Questions to answer:
      • Other custom monthly reports? PLS ideas…
        • List patrons with Invalid Addresses
        • List Patrons with blank Statistical Categories
        • List Items with bad Statistical Categories (similar to Fix-me reports)
        • High System / High Local Demand
    • Overdue Shelflist redesign (RT21245)
  • Circulation Issues
    • Override Patron 10-item Hold limit - recommendations for use - OWWLUG reminder
    • Potential circ matrix / circ modifier changes
      • Revisit "Magazine" StandardLoanPeriods
        • J. Ruter (AVO) suggests the current, default circ rule (3 weeks, 2 renewals) is too long for previous-issue magazine materials
    • Holds customizations
    • Renewing materials and printing date due slips - OWWLUG reminder
    • Pull List for Holds Requests
      • Alternate Pull List for Holds requests - S. Hylen (ONT) testing for printing options
      • Question submitted by E. Robinson (CAS) on behalf of ATT - "can requesting [pick up] library be added to pull list" - yes, using alternative Pull List
      • Sitka documentation


  • Melissa Correia will present OWWL2Go collective collection development and equitable funding model discussion to PLSDAC for discussion and input/recommendations on these issues to report back to OWWLAC
  • PLS Staff will work on High System / High Local Demand and New PAtron Registrations reports
  • Lindsay Stratton will present various reminders to OWWLUG: no overriding hold blocks when renewing items; hold limit 20-items for staff-placed holds


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