OWWLAC Meeting Outcomes, Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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C. Allen (LIM), P. Baynes (PAL), P. Evans (VIC), C. Garland (SOD), D. Norris (ROS), M. Nyerges (GPL/Central), B. Warner (NAP), J. Morris (PLS), R. Matott (PLS), L. Stratton (PLS)


S. Reding (ATT)


  1. Evergreen System Settings (RM)
  2. Overdue notices and bills – standards/recommendations (LS)
  3. Other


Evergreen System Settings

  • Recommended - Implement lost materials fee; define by library
  • Recommended - Void processing fee when lost item returned; define by library
  • Recommended - Void overdue fees when items marked lost; system wide
  • Recommended - Restore overdue fines when lost items returned; system wide
  • Recommended - No Patron Display time out in staff client
  • Recommended - Set staff client inactivity timeout for 4 hours inactive
  • Recommended - Display “Above Tab Button Bar” (icons for basic circ functions) by default
  • Recommended - Do not display Patron Display Billing tab first when bills are present
  • Recommended - Set holds to expire if unfilled after 300 days
  • Recommended - Set OPAC expired holds alert to appear 21 days before a hold is due to expire
  • Recommended - Set OPAC inactivity timeout period to 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Recommended - Do not allow patrons to edit existing addresses Recommended - Derive PIN from phone number

Overdue Notice standards

  • Recommended - OD Shelflist required for all libraries; number and frequency based on OD notices sent.
  • Recommended - Initial OD notice is mandatory; may be sent by email, letter, or mailer according to library
  • Recommended - Interim OD notice is optional; may be sent by email, letter, or mailer according to library
  • Recommended - Final OD notice is mandatory; must be sent by letter or mailer
  • Recommended - Bill for Replacement is mandatory; must be sent by letter or mailer.
  • Recommended - Standardize OD notice schedule: Initial notice – 2 weeks overdue, Interim notice – 4 weeks overdue, Final notice – 6 weeks overdue.
  • Recommended - Move Assumed Lost / Bill for Replacement to 8 weeks overdue (from 10 weeks)
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