OWWLAC Meeting, February 24, 2010 - Outcomes

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Cathy Allen (LIM), Patricia Baynes (PAL), Carol garland (SOD), Donna Norris (ROS), Blanche Warner (NAP), Roma Matott (PLS), Betsy Morris (PLS), Jennifer Morris (PLS), Lindsay Stratton (PLS)

Excused: Pat Evans (VIC), Michael Nyerges (GPL/Central), Sue Reding (ARC)


  • OWWLAC will meet monthly during migration period (meetings scheduled through July 2010)
  • In favor – 3 level fine model: Low - Default - High, as defined by specific circulation modifiers.
  • In favor – 3 level loan period: Short – Default – Long, as defined by specific circulation modifiers.
  • In favor – standard number of renewals, as defined by specific circulation modifiers.
  • Shelved – Discussion regarding maximum fines per type of item
  • In favor – Continue current maximum items out (100)
  • In favor – Age ranges defined for system and statistical reporting. Juvenile: 0-12, YA: 13-17, Adult: 18-up.
  • In favor – Adding a patron statistical category: Gender
  • In favor – important reports
    • 1st priority: Pick list, OD notices/lists, OD Shelf Check, Bad users, Email notices/confirmations
    • 2nd priority: Monthly Circ , Items discarded, Assumed Lost, Lost/Missing, Old Holds, Old On-order/In-process
    • 3rd priority: Local / System demand
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