Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Old business

Updates from PLS

Aging circulations (Dan)

Next Evergreen upgrade (to 3.9 / 3.10) (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

  • Major changes to holdings editor
  • Changes to structure of patron notes / alerts / messages
  • Tentative date scheduled

New business

Lost and damaged items

Credit card transaction fee deduction (Kim)
Standard for noting damage to items (Kim)
Annotations on lost/damaged item payments (Dan)

Lost Materials and Damaged Materials

Bills for lost and damaged materials may be paid at any library but the payment must be forwarded to the owning library.
  • Lost/damaged bills are paid using the Payment Type "Work" to clarify accounting at the payment library. An annotation should be added to the transaction by the library accepting payment.
  • If being paid by check, the check must be addressed to the *owning library*library receiving payment.
  • Checks and cash should not be sent via OWWL delivery and should be forwarded to the owning library using other means, such as by mail.

Damaged item flowchart (Dan)


Failure to pickup hold fee (Dan)

Fine-free patron profile (Dan)


TPAC analytics (Dan / Kathryn / Kelsy / Ron)
Testing and general update (Dan / Kathryn / Kelsy / Ron)


EAC minutes 03-07-2023.pdf
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