Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Old business

Updates from PLS

Aging circulations (Dan)

owwl.org redesign (Ron / Kelsy)

OWWL Library System App (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

OPAC upgrade: tentatively Q1 2023 (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

  • Aspen: Tentative date scheduled

Next Evergreen upgrade (to 3.9 / 3.10) (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

  • Major changes to holdings editor
  • Changes to structure of patron notes / alerts / messages
  • Tentative date scheduled

New circ modifier / circ policy (Dan / Ron)

  • OWWL Outreach
  • OWWL Fine-free / associated circ policy

New business

Emergency closing permissions (Dan)

  • Request to have these permissions assigned to Library Admin
  • Currently only able to be entered by PLS staff

Invoicing for lost items (Dan)

  • Policy
  • Should we have a policy amendment that libraries may request invoice for forwarding payment for lost/damaged items accepted at other libraries?


EAC minutes 12-20-2022
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