Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Tuesday, October 11, 2022


Old business

Aging circulations (Dan)

  • Followup on conversation from last meeting & discussion at 9/2022 PLSDAC

Pending patron confirmation update (Dan)

  • No quorum at 9/2022 PLSDAC; change not yet made

Updates from PLS

owwl.org redesign (Ron / Kelsy)

  • Discussed at PLSDAC

OWWL Library System App (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

  • Discussed at PLSDAC
  • Beta test results

OPAC upgrade: tentatively Q1 2023 (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

  • Discussed at PLSDAC
  • Possibly adding a discovery layer

Next Evergreen upgrade (to 3.9 / 3.10): tentatively Q2 2023 (Dan / Kathryn / Ron / Kelsy)

  • Discussed at PLSDAC
  • Major changes to holdings editor
  • Opportunities for holdings staff training soon
  • Changes to structure of patron notes / alerts / messages

New business

Guidelines for editing due dates (Ron / Dan)

  • Permissions may be being used inappropriately
  • Particularly for popular materials
  • Particularly for other libraries' items
For PLSDAC: Policy change proposal

Editing due dates when a patron needs extra time

In order to provide good customer service, library staff may edit the due date to provide extra time. The due date should not be extended beyond reasonable duration (for example, not to exceed the remaining renewals) six weeks from the original due date without permission from the owning library. If the item in question belongs to another library and there is any concern about extending the due date, contact the owning library. Do not use editing a due date to circumvent hold blocks, or extend due dates on titles with holds, or prevent return of materials to the owning library. (OWWLAC, 3/2014)

Softening the language on lost materials bills (Margo)

For PLSDAC: Proposal for change to lost notices

The item (/ items) listed below is (/ are) long overdue and is (/ are) now assumed lost.
Your account has been billed for the cost of replacement and any associated fines.
Payment is due immediately.
Your privileges are suspended until this matter is resolved.
If you still have this item (/ these items), please return it (/ them) at your earliest convenience. The bill for the cost of replacement will be waived.

You may still return the item (/ items) to remove the billed amount from your account.
Some library privileges, including borrowing materials, may be suspended until the item is (/ items are) returned or payment for the bill is received.

For further information, please contact the "location/name" at "location/phone".

Perpetual online patrons (Kathryn / Kim)

  • Policy amendment needed for Online Patrons who never come in?
  • We've told libraries who have asked (a handful) that it is fine to renew patron accounts
For PLSDAC: Proposed changes for self-registration / online patrons
  • Clarify and confirm that patrons visiting library in person to confirm address / identity is not a requirement
  • Create a new profile (Perpetual Online Patron?) for self-registered patrons with a two-year expiration cycle to provide extended / continued access to electronic resources for patrons who do not visit library to confirm address / identity

Permissions required for pre-cat checkouts (Kelly)

  • All staff members are currently able to create pre-cat items. Should this be more limited?
For PLSDAC: Proposed change to required permissions for adding pre-cat items
  • Remove the ability of Circ I staff to create precat records / check out uncataloged items
  • Only Circ II, Item Cataloging, or Library Admin accounts would be able to check out precat items

Loan periods / overdue notices / autorenewals (Dan / Margo)

  • Concern expressed about amount of time that passes between initial checkout and overdue notices / items being marked lost
For PLSDAC: Policy on autorenewals

  • If a renewal is allowed, Evergreen should attempt an autorenewal.
For PLSDAC: Proposed changes to overdue/lost notice cycle
  • Change to a single physical overdue notice at 14 days; remove other physical overdue notices
  • Change to lost notice at 28 days (actual mark lost at 35 days)
  • Emails to remain on same schedule, but 28 day email can be changed to a lost email

Schedule (Dan)

  • We're at 2nd Tuesdays now, but Ron has a standing meeting at 2pm. What about 3rd Tuesdays?


EAC minutes 10-11-2022.pdf
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