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Old Business: Returning to conversation about age-based hold protection

Old Business: Returning to conversation about $5 circulation block

OWWL Policy Review


Older titles

PLS reserves the right to refuse new title record requests for older titles.

Libraries should carefully review materials prior to request to ensure that they are still accurate, relevant, and appropriate for the collection. Full details and selection criteria can be found here: Collection Development: Older Title Guidelines

(OWWLAC, 4/2014)

PLS does not accept requests to create new title records for VHS materials. (OWWLAC, 4/2014)

Close enough records

PLS Cataloging will combine in the same title record multiple editions when the essential work is the same, but the specific copy varies in minor details. For example: hard cover and trade paperback editions of the same title, books with included discussion guide materials, differing publishers or distributors, etc. (OWWLAC 5/22/2012, 4/2014)

For full guidelines regarding combined editions sharing a single title record, see: Catalog Close Enough Records
Multiple format combinations

PLS Cataloging will combine formats in a single title record when the combined formats are essential to the use of the material. For example: books with accompanying computer discs. (OWWLAC, 4/2014)


If OWWL policies are abused, all library staff and directors should follow the OWWLAC Grievance Policy and Procedure.

See: EAC Grievance Policy

Workflow for pending patrons

Agreed-upon workflow is that patrons should be mailed card, and language in form confirmation says that patrons will be mailed card. Some libraries are not mailing cards now that they have returned to in-person services.

For PLSDAC: Proposed language change

Registration request successfully submitted!

Library staff at your selected library will review your information to verify your eligibility. Please allow time for processing.

If you are eligible, library staff will either mail your new library card to the address you provided, or contact you with pickup information. Your card will give you access to all OWWL digital resources and allow you to place holds on physical library materials. Your library may require further proof of identity and/or address before you will be able to borrow physical library materials.

Question from library about adding billing type

A library would like to add a "Hotspot fee."

Anonymizing circulation, money, and hold data

This is a big project that we're considering, and we'd love to get some feedback. The very short version is that right now, we have too much historical data about transactions. There are built-in processes in Evergreen that we could use to keep less data around. I suspect that this will be the first of a few times that we'll discuss this topic.

Setting the schedule for next year

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