Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Wednesday, April 6, 2022


OWWL Policy Review

Lost and Damaged Items

Mark Lost Manually

Any library can mark an item lost, even items not owned by that library. Marking an item lost will create a Lost Materials bill on the patron's account, which will typically block the patron from further circulation. Generally, it is recommended that if there is any doubt whether the item is actually lost, libraries should renew the item (within remaining renewal limits and respecting hold blocks) and allow the item to become overdue until lost. (OWWLAC, 4/2014; EAC 04/2022)
Mark Item Lost by Patron, item not owned by your library

Any library may manually mark lost any other library's materials. When in doubt, contact the owning library before taking action. (OWWLAC, 4/2014)
Overdue Until Lost

All items that are overdue more than 8 weeks will be marked as lost, automatically by the Evergreen system. This will create a Lost Materials bill on the patron's account, which will typically block the patron from further circulation. (OWWLAC, 4/2014)
Items Damaged "Beyond Repair"

If an item is damaged to an extent that it cannot be repaired and remains checked out to the responsible patron, the item should be Marked Damaged and the patron billed for the full replacement price. (OWWLAC, 4/2014)
Damaged Items Not Owned by your Library

If a damaged item is not owned by your library, use a Recall Hold to send the item back to the owning library for evaluation and to be marked damaged as necessary. (OWWLAC, 4/2014; EAC 04/2022)
Payments accepted for lost/damaged items owned by another library

Any library may accept payment for any other libraries' lost or damaged materials, but the payment must be forwarded to the owning library. For more information, see the procedure under Lost Materials and Damaged Materials.
  • PayBills should be made using the "Passthru" PaymentType
  • Checks should be addressed to the owning library
  • Cash may be sent through delivery
  • Include bill receipt/documentation with payment
(OWWLAC, 4/2014; EAC 04/2022)


Hold Limits

Patrons may haveplace up to 20 active holds. Any suspended holds do not count toward the 20 hold limit.Patrons may place up to 30 additional suspended holds. This policy is set in system configuration. (OWWLAC, 3/2014; EAC 04/2022)
Holds not picked up

All holds not picked up afterin a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 7-10 business days, as defined by local policy, should be removed from the holds shelf, the patron hold cancelled, and the item routed to fill other holds or back to the owning library for reshelving. (OWWLAC, 4/2014; EAC 04/2022)

All libraries should assess a $1.00 "Hold not picked up" bill for hold items not picked up within the 7 business day period. (OWWLAC, 4/2014; EAC 04/2022)

Holds and accounts with circulation blocks

If a patron's account has circulation blocks - fines of $5.00 or more or more than 5 overdue items - they may still place holds, and the holds will be captured and sent to the patron's pickup library as normal. However, the patron must resolve the hold circulation blocks before they will be able to check out their hold items. (OWWLAC, 8/2018; EAC 04/2022)

Age Based Hold Protection

Age-based hold protection limits holds to those requests being picked up at the owning library, for a period of two months based on the copy create date. Use of age-based hold protection is optional, can be applied to all types of new materials, and can be removed from a copy at any time, as determined by the owning library. (OWWLAC, 2/26/2013, 4/2014)

Upgrade questions:

Permissions for using hold groups?

Which staff members should be able to manage Hold Groups? Folks with Circ II (and, it goes without saying, Library Admin) permissions may be the best option.

Opt-in setting for overdue and pre-due notices?

We have the option to create a new "opt-in" setting that would allow patrons to decide whether or not they'd like to receive overdue emails. Our thinking is that this feature should not be enabled, but there may be reasons to implement this that we haven't thought of.

Allow expired patrons to renew items?

We also have the option to allow renewals by expired patrons. Our thinking is that this may be useful. One of the most common autorenewal errors is that a patron has expired; this would help prevent those errors.

Quick informational items from the Changelog

  • Bug tracker added at bottom of page
  • New item status ("Storage")
  • Updates to reports


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