Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Default search location in Evergreen

We'd like to discuss changing the default search location for newly registered patrons.

Right now, a patron's default search location is their home library, but we're wondering if setting the default search location to OWWL would be a more patron-friendly approach.

This would mean that searches, by default, would be at the consortium level when a patron logs in to their account.

OWWL Policy Review


Renewal limits

The number of allowed renewals for a specific type of material is set by the Circulation Modifier according to library policies and/or the Standard Loan policies. (11/2013)
Renewal limit overrides

Avoid renewing items beyond the renewal limits. If the item belongs to another library, do not override the renewal limit without the permission of the owning library. (OWWLAC, 3/2014)
Renewals blocked for items with holds

Items with holds - title, volume, or copy level - cannot be renewed. The item must be checked in and routed to the next pending hold. (OWWLAC, 2/22/2006, 11/2013)
Renewals possible for accounts with circulation blocks

There are no renewal blocks based on circulation blocks - fines $5.00 and more, or 5 or more overdue items. Overdue items can be renewed to finalize bills and stop additional bills from accruing. (OWWLAC, 5/2016).

It is recommended practice that library staff renew any overdue items to finalize bills before accepting payment for overdue materials.


Overdue Materials

Bills for overdue materials may be paid at any library and the bill payment kept by that library regardless of where the materials were checked out, where the materials were checked in, or who owns the materials. (11/2013)

Lost Materials and Damaged Materials

Bills for lost and damaged materials may be paid at any library but the payment must be forwarded to the owning library.
  • Lost/damaged bills are paid using the Payment Type "Passthru"Work to clarify accounting at the payment library. An annotation should be added to the transaction by the library accepting payment.
  • If being paid by check, the check must be addressed to the owning library .
  • Checks and cash may be sent to the owning library via delivery. Place the check/cash in an envelope with accompanying patron and item information, then place the envelope in one of the maroon delivery bagsa large size envelope and send in delivery..
See: PayBills

(11/2013; EAC 02/2022)

Lost Materials Processing Fee bills

If a library charges processing fees in addition to lost materials bills, then the library should roll the fee into the item price or use the system-generated Lost Materials Processing Fee bill. No libraries should create manual bills, after the fact. Contact PLS to configure the system-generated processing fee bill.


Libraries should not convert excess payment into credit. (OWWLAC, 9/25/2012, 11/2013)
Forgiving bills

When not holding a patron responsible for a fine, for whatever reason, use the "Forgive" PaymentType to clear the fine; add an annotation to attach relevant explanatory notes. (11/2013)

Mobile app

We're planning to work with a developer to have a mobile app for iOS and Android developed. We had discussed this briefly at one point last year, too. We wanted to check in with you all to see if there are any big "wishlist" items before we dive in.

Expunging existing fines

We've had a few requests from libraries who have gone (or are planning to go) fine-free for help expunging existing fines. We wanted to start a conversation with you all about the best way to approach this.

Quick informational items from PLS


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