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In-system vs. Out-of-system patrons

The PLS service area is defined as being formed by the counties of Wyoming, Livingston, Ontario, and Wayne in the state of New York.

In-system patrons are all people living full and part-time residents (whether permanently or temporarily, such as college students), as well as any person who attends school or pays property taxes, within the four county area. This includes residents of "unserved" communities, or, those communities within the geographic boundary of PLS, but outside of a PLS member library's chartered to serve area, subject to the Free Direct Access policy.

Out-of-system patrons are people living outside of the four county area. (OWWLAC, 5/22/2018; EAC, 12/2021)

Out-of-system Patron Statistical Categories

The Residency and School Code statistical categories include areas that are out side of, but border the four PLS counties and/or share school districts with PLS communities. For these areas and school districts, select the appropriate codes. For all patrons who live in non-contiguous areas, use the "OOS" code from the Residency and School District lists. This information is necessary to determine the use of library resources by neighboring communities for taxing and free direct access purposes. (OWWLAC, 5/22/2012, 2/2014, 5/2018; EAC, 12/2021)

Online Library Card Registration Policy

The Online Library Card Registration Policy - Adopted.pdf affirms that online library card registration is available to all full and part-time residents of Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston Counties as well as any person who attends school or pays property taxes in these counties. Out-of-system self-registration forms will not be processed. (EAC 10/5/2020, PLSDAC 11/13/2020)

Standard patron registration form

OWWLAC recommends using the standard registration form. The basic form can be modified with local library customizations as needed. (OWWLAC, 2/22/2006, 1/2014, 05/2018; EAC, 12/2021)

This form has been revised as of 05/2018 and can be downloaded A standard registration form is available to download from: Patrons Registration Form Printable. Member libraries may use the form and customize it as necessary.

Registration paperwork retention

OWWLAC EAC recommends keeping registration paperwork for no longer than is reasonable for local workflow (i.e. time it takes to enter all data into the system) and recommends the proper disposal of registration paperwork, i.e. shredding.

If local library records retention policy indicates retaining paper forms for any length of time, they should be stored securely. Scanning and saving documents electronically is one method used by libraries for secure, long term storage. If libraries retain registration forms in any capacity, security of these forms is the responsibility of the library. (OWWLAC, 3/2005, 4/2005, 2/2014, 10/2014, 05/2018; EAC, 12/2021)

Driver's license in patron account

Driver's licenses are not to be added to patron records in Evergreen. There is no option to add driver's license number in a dedicated field, nor should this data be added in any other area in the patron record. (OWWLAC 10/2014, PLS Policy 1/2015)

Libraries may include driver's license numbers in their paper registration files, security of these files is the responsibility of the library.

Replace registration paperwork Updates to patron accounts

Changing home library, address, library card number, etc. does not necessitate completely new registration paperwork. If new paperwork is completed, the old paperwork should be discarded. If the updating library is not the same as the original card-issuing library, the original library should be alerted so that they can update their files, and the updating library should change the Registration on file statistical catagory entry. If a patron’s home library or address has changed, the updating library should change the residency code, school code, home library, and hold pickup library as necessary. (OWWLAC, 2/2014; EAC, 12/2021)

Patron has a name change

The patron's Evergreen account is updated with the new name; if the library updating the account is the library holding the original paperwork, the signature can be updated on the original form. Changes to a patron’s legal name or preferred name can be made based on local library policy. (OWWLAC, 2/2014; EAC, 12/2021)

Agency cards

Cards may be issued to specific types of agencies for use by authorized agency staff persons, according to the guidelines laid out in the Patrons Agency User Records page and agreement.

Expired accounts marked inactive

Patron accounts that have been Expired for more than 3 years will be marked "Inactive" automatically by the system. The accounts will be flagged with an Alert stating the reason for being marked inactive, and remain in the database should the patrons return to the library. (OWWLAC, 2/2014)

Deleting inactive expired accounts

Patron records that have been inactive expired for 6 years will be deleted, including outstanding bills. (OWWLAC, 9/2014; EAC, 12/2021)

Accessing Owwl2Go

Only patrons with currentactive, unexpired accounts in good standing can access Owwl2Go materials. (OWWLAC, 2/26/2013, 2/2014; EAC, 12/2021)

Account expiration Note: Move above "Expired accounts marked inactive"

Patron accounts will expire every two years; staff must verify and update contact information before extending another two years. (OWWLAC, 10/2004, 1/2014)

Patrons with email accounts will receive a pre-expiration email notice, alerting them to contact the library to extend their library privileges. (OWWLAC, 1/2014)

Renew patron account privilege by phone

Patron accounts may be renewed in person, over the phone,or by email as per the individual library's local policy if staff first request current address; if this address does not match the address in the patron record, then the staff should request formal identification. (OWWLAC, 1/22/2013; 1/2014; EAC, 12/2021)


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