Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Wednesday, October 6, 2021


OWWL Policy Review

Checkout policies

  • Loan limits
    • Patrons are limited to 100 concurrent checkouts. (OWWLAC, 10/2013)
  • Checkout blocks (overdue and fine threshold)
    • Patrons are blocked from checking out new materials if they have 5 or more overdue items and/or $5.00 or more in fines. (OWWLAC, 10/2013, 5/2016, 8/2018).

Loan period policies

  • Loan periods follow the checkout library's circulation rules
    • To promote a consistent experience for patrons, items will circulate with due dates assigned following the checkout library's circulation rules, not the owning library's settings. In general, the system is configured to do this automatically. (OWWLAC, 11/2013)
  • Editing due dates when another library's item checks out with a "wrong" due date
    • In some instances, mis-configured or conflicting settings will cause the item to be circulated with a loan period that is different than the checkout library's policy for the given type of material. In this case, the checkout library may edit the due date so that it follows their normal loan period. (OWWLAC, 10/2013)
  • Editing due dates when a patron needs extra time
    • In order to provide good customer service, library staff may edit the due date to provide extra time. The due date should not be extended beyond a reasonable duration (for example, not to exceed the remaining renewals). If the item in question belongs to another library and there is any concern about extending the due date, contact the owning library. Do not use editing a due date to circumvent hold blocks, or extend due dates on titles with holds. (OWWLAC, 3/2014)
  • Standard Loan Periods
    • OWWLAC recommendations for standard loan periods (OWWLAC, 11/8/2006, 4/25/2007, 11/2013), see: OWWL Standard Loan Rules

Individual Logins

  • Update from PLS on scheduling progress
  • Questions, comments, suggestions!

"Basic" staff profile

  • We've received some feedback looking for an additional, much more limited Evergreen profile that would have only access to basic functions (like checking item details or view the holds pull list).

Update on "Items with no prices" report

  • The report now includes items with a price of $0.

"Suggest a Title for Purchase" form

We have a form on our website (https://owwl.org/help/suggest-title-purchase) that we rarely get submissions to. When we do get a submission, we end up forwarding it to the library's circ email address. This form ends up duplicating a function that several libraries already have local practices for, and doesn't seem to be common at most of our neighboring library systems. We're thinking of removing the form itself and instead directing patrons to contact their library with purchase suggestions so we're not duplicating local workflows.


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