Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Monday, May 3, 2021


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approve Minutes from March 1 meeting
  3. New Items
    1. Increasing the number of holds patrons are able to place
      1. Used to be twenty
      2. Currently ten
    2. Reminder: 7-day grace period in effect
    3. Should the overdue notice / lost item schedule be changed?
      1. This comes from the conversation at PLSDAC about possibly altering these schedules.
      2. For quick reference, bill letters are created after an item has been overdue for at least eight weeks. Items are marked lost automatically at nine weeks.
      3. Are there specific needs or concerns libraries have?
    4. Autorenewals
    5. Systems Access and Data Handling Policy
    6. Individual logins
    7. Patron self-registration email trigger
    8. Disband current form of EAC (to reform after June PLSDAC meeting per last PLSDAC vote)
      1. Questions from PLS Member Libraries
    9. Sign/Date notes in EG
  4. Member Library Questions
  5. Other news & comments
  6. Appointment of Officers
  7. Set next meeting date/time
  8. Adjourn


EAC minutes 05-03-2021 (FINAL).pdf
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