Evergreen Advisory Committee Meeting, Monday, July 20, 2020


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approve Minutes from May 4 meeting
  3. New Items
    1. Evergreen's new curbside pickup module
      1. Quick overview
      2. Possible workflow options / approaches
    2. Self-registration
      1. General check in -- how is it going?
      2. Link location
      3. Checking Pending Patrons
      4. Tim had a question about the possibility of generating emails to patrons upon registration
      5. Debby had a question about wording on the form; she is receiving some requests from patrons who already have cards or whose cards have expired
    3. Notification emails
      1. Reminder about which notifications are and aren't running
    4. All patron blocks lifted?
    5. Questions from PLS Member Libraries
    6. Other news & comments
  4. Set next meeting date/time
  5. Adjourn


EAC minutes 07-20-2020 (FINAL).pdf
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