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Use this form to request original catalog records for realia (any objects or materials used in everyday life) or other unique items. Please include as much detail as possible.

Contact Kathryn Riedener (kriedener@pls-net.org or 585-394-8260 x1114) if you have questions.

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Original Cataloging Request
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Form field descriptions

Field Notes
Item Identify what this item is
020 ISBN If available
024 UPC If available
245 Title Name of object
250 Edition If available
264 Publisher & date Where published, name of publisher, year published
264 Manufacturer & date Where manufactured, name of manufacturer, year manufactured
300 Physical description Provide as much detail as possible: dimensions (in cm), color, material, etc.
505 Contents If a kit, what is included
520 Summary Describe the item in one or two sentences
650 Subject headings If available
Additional comments Any special information, details, restricted access, etc.
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